Need urgent funds? Here’s how a personal loan can help you

No one wants a shortage of money in an emergency. But there are some situations like medical emergencies, emergency house renovation, paying school fees where you need cash instantly. 

In such cases, you can apply for an instant personal loan without a CIBIL check, which will help you to meet your financial needs. An instant personal loan is significantly easier to get, and the application process is straightforward. 

Let’s have a look at some significant benefits of a personal loan. 

Higher amount :

based on your income source, you can avail of up to 15 lakh rupees as a personal loan in Delhi from vintage finance. 

Flexibility in use:

There is no restriction on where you can use your loan amount. You can use your loan amount for any purpose. 

Quick disbursal :

At vintage finance, we disburse loan amounts briefly after the approval process. 

Minimum documentation :

Compared to other documents, a personal loan requires minimum documents like bank statements, KYC documents, proof of income, etc. 

Factors that can affect your eligibility 


To get a personal loan, your minimum age should be 21 years, and your maximum age should not Exide 65 years at the end of tenure. 

Your Salary:

As we all know, the personal loan is an unsecured type of loan; hence lenders ensure that you have a good salary so you can repay your EMI on time. 

Work Experience:

You can avail of a personal loan without any hassle if you are working in your current organization for a minimum of 2 years with a minimum of 30,000 salaries. 

Debt to income ratio:

The debt to income ratio means how much you are paying EMI compared to your income. If your debt ratio is higher, you can not avail yourself of the personal loan quickly. 

Final words :

A personal loan is the easiest option to avail when you feel a financial burden. You can apply for a personal loan in Delhi online through

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