How To Verify Your Lenders Before Taking Personal Loan in Delhi 

Personal loans fraud through fake online ads and fake mobile apps are common nowadays. Personal loan frauds happen because of a lack of awareness regarding these types of fake apps and ads.

In this blog, we are going to know about some tips to identify fake mobile applications and money lenders before availing of instant personal loans in Delhi

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Personal Loan Providers in Delhi NCR

Check The Website:

You can identify fake lenders by visiting their websites. Genuine lenders include real client testimonials, contact details, government registration numbers, company identification numbers, key personas of the company on the website. 

Most of the illegal lenders don’t include this information on their websites. And their website also lacks critical security functions like SSL. 

Check Your Lender:

Just like lenders check your eligibility and personal information before offering you a personal loan. You should have to conduct your check to verify your lenders. 

All the lenders in India are registered with RBI and the ministry of finance hence you can verify your lender by visiting the website of RBI. 

Check Out The Process :

To attract more and more users to mobile apps and websites fake lenders add attractive offers and work with an easy loan process. 

Hence stay away from such kind of hard believed promises and not so transparent loan approval processes. 

Check out The Lenders Physical Address:

As reputed personal loan providers in Delhi NCR, we have our physical office at west Patel Nagar, New Delhi. 

As reputed personal loan providers we suggest you check the personal office of lenders and also talk with existing customers and staff members to verify the location. Also, verify the information on the ministry of corporate affairs and RBI.

Check The Reviews on the Internet:

If you are satisfied with the information provided by lenders. Then your final step of verification is reviewed. Check reviews of lenders on google my business and other listing websites. 

Go through the reviews one by one which will help you to make your final decision. 

Things To Consider Before Taking Personal Loan in Delhi 

As reputed personal loan providers we suggest you don’t take personal loans blindly, even if you have a great relationship with lenders and lenders’ staff. Keep the following things in mind before taking a personal loan. 

  1. Compare interest rate with other lenders in your city 
  2. Check your eligibility 
  3. Calculate your EMI before taking a final decision 
  4. Read terms and conditions carefully 
  5. Check additional cost and processing fee. 

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