Personal Loan For Salaried Individuals – Required Documents, Eligibility, Features, and Benefits. 

As we all know personal loans are unsecured loans that are offered to salaried as well as self-employed individuals. As reputed personal loan providers in Delhi, we are going to share the documents required, eligibility criteria, features, and benefits of personal loans.

A little money can be very helpful in emergencies. With ample money, you can complete dreams like a holiday or you can fulfill your temporary financial needs. 

Document Required For Salaried Personal Loan 

  1. Identity proof 
  2. Proof of Age 
  3. PAN Card 
  4. Proof Of Address (electricity or landline bills, voters id, driving license, water or gas bill)
  5. Bank statement of three months 
  6. Salary slips of last 3 months 
  7. Last 2 years ITR. 

Personal loan in delhi ncr

Eligibility Criteria To Get Personal Loan For Salaried Individuals. 


Credit Score:

Credit score or CIBIL Score is the most important eligibility criteria to avail of a personal loan. As a Salaried individual, your income is stable every month. So banks calculate your cibil score based on your credit history. Your cibil score depends on your repayment behavior. 

Your Monthly Income:

To be eligible for a personal loan you should have a certain amount of monthly income. The monthly income requirement is different in every financial institution or bank. 

Stability of Your Organization: 

Banks and financial institutions check the stability of your organization before approving you a personal loan. If you are working in stable organization then lenders can easily offer you a personal loan. 


Your age should be minimum of 21 years. Age criteria depend on the bank or financial institution. 

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan For Self Employed Personals 


Easy Application:

The application process for a personal loan is very easy. You can apply for a personal loan by visiting the lender’s website. The application form given on the lender’s website is very easy to fill. You can fill it by sitting at your home or office. 

Loan Amount :

As a salaried person, you can avail more money. As RBI registered private financers in Delhi we offer up to 15 lakh rupees personal loans. You can deal with various financial situations by using this loan. 

Fewer Documentations 

You can upload your documents online to avail a personal loan. This is very convenient as compared to carry files of document to the bank 

Flexible Tenure 

Applicants can choose a tenure as per his or her repayment ability. At vintage finance, we offer tenure up to 24 months. 

Fast Disbursal:

Once a personal loan is approved it gets disbursed in your bank account in 5 working days. 

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