Reasons Why You Should Take Loan Against Property To Finance Your Child’s education 

According to a study by HSBC Indian people spend more than 12 lakh rupees on the education of children. Premium institutes in India are raising the fees in a couple of years. Hence as reputed loan providers against property in Delhi, we are going to discuss why you should take the loan against property to finance your child’s education. 

As we all know, education is only getting more expensive day by day. As a parent, you need more money to offer high-quality education to your child. Among the several financial option loans against property is the best option for your student. Let’s look at why a loan against property is best. 

A loan against property can be avail by keeping the residential property as collateral. You receive the loan amount based on the market value of your property. 

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High Loan Amount – 

You can get up to 70% of your property valuation. We vintage finance offer high amounts for salaried individuals.

On the other hand, self-employed personnel can get more loans against property to finance their children’s education. 

Affordable Interest Rate –

A loan against property is a secured type of loan. The interest rate of a loan against property is much lowered than other types of loan. Lenders are more assured about repayment of loan amount because it’s secured by the property. 

At vintage finance, we offer instant loan against property with minimum documentation. You can easily apply through our website to get an instant loan in Delhi

Easy To Avail Loans – 

A loan against property is the easiest loan to avail. This is a secured type of loan hence it takes very little time to disburse. The process of loan disbursal and application process is very quick at vintage finance. 

Lower EMI and Longer Tenure –

A loan against property can come with 15 to 20 years tenure. The long tenure can help you to decrease the monthly EMI amount. You can choose loan tenure from 2 to 20 years as per your convenience. 

With the help of low EMI, you can achieve other financial goals. 

Get Loan Against Property Now 

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